Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ethel Jenner Rosenberg (1858-1930)

100 Years Ago -  Sept. 8, 2011 - 'Abdu'l-Bahá at Miss Ethel Jenner Rosenberg's Unity Meeting in London

Ethel Jenner Rosenberg (1858-1930), one of the pioneers of the cause in the Western world. She was born in Bath,
 England,on 6 August 1858 and became a Bahá’í in mid-1899. She was well known in the London art world as a 
prolific and accomplished miniature painter and was much in demand in social circles.  One of these ladies, 
Mrs. Thornburgh-Cropper, the first Bahá’í in England, introduced her to the Bahá’í Faith.  Over the coming years 
she devoted ever increasing time to its promotion.She went on pilgrimage in 1901, staying in the Holy Land for 
four months and then traveling to America . . . .   In all, she made three visits to the United States and visited 
Paris frequently (during one such visit she taught the Faith to Lady Blomfield), meeting with the small but
growing French community, and working with Mrs. Thornburgh-Cropper. She accompanied Laura Clifford 
Barney to ‘Akká for eight months in 1903 and during that time assisted in the compilation of Some Answered 
Questions.  She met ‘Abdu’l-Bahá when He arrived in England and later assisted Lady Blomfield in the
production and distribution of Paris Talks She was on the first Bahá’í administrative body in England. . . .
       ( Historical Dictionary of the Bahá’í Faith,© 1998 Hugh C. Adamson & Philp Hainsworth, pub.  Scarecrow Press, Inc. 
         Lanham, Maryland, USA, & London.)

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