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#84 - 100 Years Ago, 29 March,1912:  Áqá Shoghi Effendi and Mírzá Munír required to leave the ship at Naples Áqá Mírzá Muhamúd recorded in his diary the following regarding the situation when the ship stopped at Naples and official doctors determined that the eyes of Aqa Shoghi Effendi and Mirzá Munir  were infected and that they would have to return to Egypt:
29 March, 1912When the ship stopped at Naples, Mahmúd wrote, on March 29 [1912]:
                “Some of the American friends, who were waiting for the steamer, came to see the Beloved.  Mr. & Mrs. Woodcock of Canada, Mr. & Mrs. Austin of Denver and Miss Mathew of London accompanied Him to New York. The talk of the day was that a party of doctors was to board the steamer at Naples to examine the eyes of the passengers. The doctor on ship board had already given his opinion about the  [infection?] in Áqá Khosrow’s eyes. When these doctors came and examined the eyes of the passengers, they declared the eyes of Áqá Shoghi Effendi and Mírzá Munír were also affected and that they should return. The doctors persisted that even if they went to New York, they should have to return. The Beloved, therefore, ordered them to obey.
       The Beloved bestowed utmost favors,  kindness and blessings on the three and bade them farewell. They left the steamer deeply affected and in great dejection . . . . The Beloved said, “There is a wisdom in this matter which will become known later.” The day was spent when the steamer left Naples direct for New York.
            Henceforth there were with the Beloved three Persians—Áqá Siyyid Assadu’láh, Dr. Faríd and this servant ( Áqá Mírzá Muhamúd) and six western friends—Mr. and Mrs. Woodcock, Miss Woodcock, Mr. and Mrs. Austin and Miss Mathew, who with great joy and happiness, enjoyed the Blessed Presence. p. 10. #8
                Mírzá Mahmúd-i-Zarqání’s Diary, in 239 Days.

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